My 2nd Month Blogging Income Report

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Alright, so I’ve gone back and forth a lot about whether or not I wanted to do monthly income reports on my blog. After all, my niche is a mom blog, right? I didn’t do one for my 1st month blogging, but after thinking long and hard, I decided to do one for my 2nd month blogging about parenting, pregnancy, and mom life.

Why am I doing this? Well, honestly, the longer I blog and research blogging, the more I realize that there are a ton of stay-at-home moms (SAHM) who want to make a little money on the side. Heck, I’m one of them! Some moms want to just make a little spending money. Others want to make a part time or full time income. And others are working and desperately want to quit their job so that they can work from home and spend more time with their kids.

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Really, this dilemma does affect moms. One of the biggest routes moms take when trying to make money from home is to start a blog. The niche isn’t necessarily always a mom blog, but frequently that’s the direction that moms take.

Why? Because if there’s one thing that every successful blogger strives to drive home, it’s to be passionate about what you’re writing about. To be honest, a lot of moms are most passionate about their kids.

So, for all the moms out there trying to make this blogging thing work, I want to take a minute and talk about my 1st and 2nd month blogging. What worked? What didn’t? Did I learn in the process? Did I actually make any money at all?

My 2nd Month Blogging Income Report

In this report I want to talk not only about my actual income, but what worked and what didn’t. Realistically, I have to include my first month blogging as well in order to truly show how things went.

First Month

Adsense: $6.56

Traffic: 4,600+

Now, let’s pause a second here. I think it’s important to note here that 80% of this traffic passed through my blog in a matter of 48hrs. How did this happen? Well, one of my posts went semi viral (viral for me, anyway!) on pinterest. That one post drove a ton of traffic onto my blog. I ended up with a small amount of money, and several new subscribers to my blog/mailing list, as well as many new followers on my social media accounts.

Now, how did this happen? Really, I’m still not 100% sure. Because knowing what I know now, it could have done better if I had done things differently. My SEO wasn’t on point, my pinterest image for the post wasn’t the best. What grabbed everyone’s attention? I’m still dissecting this one, guys!

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2nd Month Blogging Income Report

Second Month

Adsense: $1.27

Traffic: 180+

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It’s easy to see that this month I did not have any viral pins/posts. Which is unfortunate, BUT. This month has been a big month of growth for me.

I settled on more details for branding myself, such as my color scheme and stock photo type. I learned more about SEO and began implementing SEO strategies. Within just a few days of writing more SEO friendly pin descriptions, I saw a huge rise in my pin impressions/clicks. Previously I was lucky to get a hundred impressions on a pin. Now, I’m getting over a thousand within just a day or two.

As far as my blog’s social media accounts, I took the time to set up a facebook page for my blog, as well as an instagram. Already my instagram account has had growth. My pinterest account did experience a drop in viewers, which I think in part is due to coming off the “viral high” I experienced last month. Despite the drop, I gained more followers than what my monthly goal was.

2nd Month Blogging Income Report

What I Learned From My 2nd Month Blogging

Going into blogging, I knew the importance of SEO. But the last few weeks have really driven that home for me as I worked at it and began to figure out how to use it properly.

While my 24hr viral post had me a bit discouraged this month when I saw the dramatic drop in traffic this month, I’m glad it happened. To be honest, I wasn’t totally convinced that it was possible to make money blogging. Yes, I know I didn’t make anything resembling a substantial amount. But it was enough to show me the potential that my blog could have if I keep working at it. It proved to me that while it’s not easy, it is possible.

I learned a ton about branding this month. My first month, I thought I knew how I wanted my brand to go. I thought I had my logo and my colors and my feel. And then this month rolled around and all that changed. I figured out what colors worked and what didn’t. I learned that it’s less about colors and more about the feel.

I realized that most of the brand direction I had been taking wasn’t actually the direction I wanted to go. And that’s okay. I think when you first start out, it’s okay to take time to figure it out before setting it all down in stone. The biggest thing I probably learned was to experiment with what works and what doesn’t.

Moving Forward Out of My 2nd Month Blogging

Moving forward into my 3rd month blogging I will be reevaluating my goals for October. I’ll be looking further into what worked in my 2nd month blogging, and ditching what didn’t. What about you? Are you a new blogger? Have you found what works for you and what doesn’t? Let me know in the comments below!

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