Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies 2018

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It’s about that time of year. Time to get out the Christmas decorations, bake gingerbread cookies, and Christmas shop! To help you out, I’ve created a list of Christmas gift ideas for babies.

I know that it can be hard to come up with Christmas gift ideas for babies–especially if they are newborn and don’t really know what’s going on!

My son was only two months old when we celebrated his first Christmas. Even though he had no clue what was going on, we tried to make it a special time.

Even if the event is a bit lost on your little one, remember that Christmas is a great time to get all the toys your baby will play with for the next year or so. Even if your little one doesn’t play with something immediately, Christmas is a great time to stock up on baby toys so your little one will be entertained until next year.

Read on for great Christmas gift ideas for babies in your family this year!

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies

1. Rattles

Rattles are a classic toy for babies. And there are so many cute ones out there! I’m a little bit in love with this cotton knit animal rattle. Rattles help babies learn and grow in so many ways, from motor skills to cause and effect and more.

2. Teethers

If your baby isn’t teething yet, you’ll want to grab some teethers so that you’re ready the instant it hits. There are so many types of teethers to choose from, and they typically are inexpensive. We used a classic ring teether and key teether with our son and both seemed to work well with him.

3. Playmat/gym

One piece of advice I can give you on playmats is to invest in one with more than one bar. Our son’s playmat has one foam bar going across the center. While he loved it, he also managed to bend the bar enough that it no longer stays up correctly.

For our next child I’ve got my eye on this Disney playmat. Although it has one bar, it has added support from the stingray. Plus it looks stinking cool! My second choice is this cloud activity gym that has two crossbars. It’s super cute, but would also be gender neutral so that we could use it regardless of whether our next child is a boy or a girl.

4. Baby Walker

If your baby is old enough to support his own head, a walker might be a good Christmas gift for him. A lot of walkers have activity centers on them as well, so your little one can practice walking or take a break and play. This is also a great place for your baby to entertain himself while you get dinner ready or do some cleaning.

If your baby is rapidly moving toward walking, you might consider getting one like this one that allows your little one to stand up and practice walking with support. Plus, it has plenty of bells and whistles to keep your baby entertained for a long time.

5. Stuffed Animals

If you’re looking for great Christmas gift ideas for babies, small stuffed animals can make a great gift. Ones like this soft elephant have rattles inside them. Or, go for a cute and classic stuffed animal like this adorable giraffe. Just remember to practice baby safety and keep the stuffed animals out of the crib while your baby is sleeping.

Read: Baby Safety 101: How to Keep Your Baby Safe

6. Soft Blocks/Balls

This soft block, ball, and buddy set we got my son is definitely one of his favorite toys. Better yet, it has grown with him and provided him with a ton of fun play and learning time. He recently learned how to stack the blocks, and now loves stacking them and knocking them over. And he’s addicted to throwing the balls everywhere. But since they’re rubber, they don’t hurt anything, so it’s all good!

7. Lovey

If your little one is into loveys, this could be the perfect Christmas gift! Even if your baby doesn’t currently hold on to any specific toy or blanket, you may find him attaching himself later on when separation anxiety begins to set in. I’m a personal fan of this Panda lovey (it comes in other colors/animals too!).

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8. Bandana Drool Bibs

I fell in love with these the day a friend gave us a pack of bandana drool bibs for our son. They are so stinking cute! My son is forever drooling, and spit up a lot for a long time. Because of this, his clothes were always getting wet/dirty, and regular bibs just weren’t cute to leave on when we left the house. Bandana bibs solved this problem for us. I love this pack of white, grey, and black bandana bibs. They’re cute, functional, and the neutral coloring allows you to use them for future kids, even if they aren’t the same gender! #savingmoney

9. Foam Alphabet Mat

When my son began to army crawl, we got him a foam alphabet mat to practice on. It worked much better than him trying to crawl on his playmat. With less friction than the carpet, he made better progress on the mat which kept him from getting frustrated so quickly. In the end it helped him learn to crawl faster since he practiced more on it!

10. Tummy Time Prop

This tummy time prop is another awesome gift that I’d love to get our next child. My son would have had so much fun if we had had it when he was still a baby! I love that this one has a mirror, teether, and tags to play with while practicing tummy time. If we had had it, my little one probably would have liked tummy time instead of acting like I was torturing him!

11. Car Seat/Stroller Toys

Other great Christmas gift ideas for babies include toys that can be attached to the car seat or stroller. This one is made to easily wrap onto car seats, strollers, and even cribs to keep your baby entertained. My favorite variation of it is the caterpillar one!

12. Activity Mirror

Babies of all ages love mirrors. It’s so cute when they finally begin to realize that it’s their own reflection instead of another baby in the mirror. This one is super cute, and even matches the baby gym mentioned earlier in this post!

13. Activity Toy

If you’re looking for a great activity toy to keep your baby entertained and learning, this is a great one to get! This activity and teething toy is so cute, and has a variety of textures and colors for your baby to explore. It has so many adorable animal variations, you’re sure to find one your baby will love this Christmas.


I hope you found this list of Christmas gift ideas for babies helpful for you as you prepare for Christmas! Let me know what you plan to get your baby for Christmas–I’d love to hear from you!

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