First Christmas: Stocking Stuffers for Baby

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With Christmas only a little over a month away, there’s a lot of Christmas shopping to be done for already busy moms. What can make this even more difficult is coming up with stocking stuffers for the baby. After all, what do people put in a baby’s stocking?!

Stocking stuffers for a baby don’t have to be complicated–practically anything for babies that is small enough to fit into a stocking will work great. But of course, you also want everything to be perfect for your baby’s first Christmas. (And I completely understand!)

To help you come up with ideas, I’ve put together a list of ideas for stocking stuffers for a baby. I’m quite sure you’ll find something on the list that will help you decide on the perfect stocking stuffers for your little one!

Stocking Stuffers for Babies. Check out this great list of Christmas stocking stuffers for baby to rock baby's first Christmas.

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First Christmas: Stocking Stuffers for Baby

Wearable Items

1. Onesies

Onesies are a great item to stick in your baby’s stocking. Just roll one (or more!) up and it will fit perfectly in even a small stocking. I’m a personal fan of Carter’s onesies–they’re just so cute!

2. Pants

Same deal with pants–just roll ’em up and stick ’em in the stocking! If you want to get really creative/cute, you can always tie them with a cute ribbon before stuffing them in. Again, I’ve found Carter’s pants have always fit my baby best.

3. Socks

Socks are another great item to use as stocking stuffers for your baby. Practical, cute, and small enough to fit into tiny stockings.

4. Bibs

Babies will always need bibs, it’s just a fact of life. They’re messy eaters when their little, and bibs make the cleanup much quicker and easier. We’ve acquired a ton of bibs in my baby’s first year, but I’ve found that Gerber bibs seem to work best for us.

First Christmas: Stocking Stuffers for Baby

5. Hats & Gloves

Another great stocking stuffer for your baby is a hat and pair of gloves or mittens. Not only are these stinking adorable, they will help keep your baby warm in the colder weather (unless you are lucky enough to live somewhere warm!).

Pro Tip: Mittens/gloves without fingers may work best for very young babies, but ones with a thumb or fingers will last longer! It doesn’t take long before babies are able to use their hands and want to play with things even with mittens on.

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6. Shoes/Slippers

Baby shoes are so cute, and make great practical stocking stuffers. Most babies are wearing a small enough shoe size that you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting them into a stocking. Or, try getting some baby house slippers/crib shoes to wear around the house. I found some super cute Santa booties similar to this one that I plan to get my son this Christmas!

7. Bandana Drool Bibs

I really can’t tell you how much I love bandana drool bibs. My son spit up a lot when he was very little, and he is a crazy drool machine now with teething. It killed me to make him wear a bib when we went out, first because they wouldn’t absorb the excessive spit very well and therefore make his little chin red, and second because they weren’t cute at all.

Enter bandana bibs! These bibs are perfect for keeping your baby cute and dry when you go out, or even when you’re just chilling out at home. I’ve found them to be more absorbent than regular bibs, and they are way cuter.

8. Pajamas

Pajamas are a classic Christmas gift for kids of all ages, and a perfect stocking stuffer for your baby. I know I’ve said it already, but when it comes to baby clothes I really do love Carter’s. They have some super cute pajamas/sleep-and-plays. I literally could buy them all.

Plus, Christmas pajamas make great outfits for at home photo shoots. Wondering how to do your own at home Christmas pictures with your baby? Elizabeth over at Love Our Littles has a great post with tips on how to do your own Christmas photography with your baby.

9. Sleep Sack

Sleep sacks make great stocking stuffers for babies. If you already have one, get the next size up to ensure your little one has something to keep him warm all winter. While we didn’t use a sleep sack with our little one, if I was going to buy one I would certainly trust Carter’s sleep sacks. I love and trust Carter’s for quality, price, and adorableness (is that a real word?).

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Stocking Stuffers for Babies. Check out this great list of Christmas stocking stuffers for baby to rock baby's first Christmas.


10. Small Stuffed Animals

If your little one doesn’t love stuffed animals yet, he/she probably will soon! These are easy for fit inside stockings, and make for great gifts for your baby. (I’m personally a big fan of this cute Jingle Giraffe!).

11. Small Figurines

If you can find some small rubber or soft figurines, these make great toys for babies. I found some in a set of blocks, balls, and animal figurines. My son loves them and still plays with this set today!

12. Blocks

My baby is a big fan of his Infantino blocks. And so am I–they’re made of rubber, so they are safe for when he decides to throw them, and he can safely chew on them too. You can get them seperately or as a set that includes balls and figurines as well.

Stocking Stuffers for Baby

13. Pull-Back Cars

My son got these for his birthday recently and loves them! Pull-Back Cars are easy for babies and toddlers to figure out, and provide a great toy to practice crawling or walking after.

14. Dolls

If you have a little girl, a small doll may be just the thing to get for her first Christmas. Just be sure that the one you get is baby safe, and doesn’t have any small parts that your baby could choke on if they come off.

15. Rattles

Rattles make great stocking stuffers for a baby, and last a while too. Plus, many can double as teething toys later on.

16. Small Balls

Small balls can fit into even small stockings and are great toys for babies. My baby’s favorite balls are these rubber, textured ones from Infantino, which can be bought seperately or as a set that includes blocks and animal figurines.

17. Lovey

Many babies like to hold and play with Lovey’s. And, these are great gifts to fit into a stocking for your baby. If you’re looking for one from a great brand, try the lovey’s from Hudson Baby.

18. Car Seat/Stroller Toys

Spiral activity toys like this one from Infantino make great on the go toys that can be easily attached to a car seat or stroller.

Stocking Stuffers for Baby

19. Activity Mirror

Depending on how big the stocking is, you may be able to fit in an activity mirror. Small activity mirrors are great stocking stuffers for your baby, and babies love them!

20. Activity Toys

Activity toys such as this one are great stocking stuffers for babies, and give your baby a fun, educational toy to play with. They are typically small, which makes them perfect for stockings.

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21. Ring Teether

Ring teethers are pretty much the classic when it comes to teethers for babies. Prepare for this difficult time by adding a ring teether to your baby’s stocking.

22. Key Teether

Right next to ring teethers, key teethers are a very popular item. Just like the ring teethers, key teethers can be refrigerated to add a cooling effect for your baby’s sore gums.

23. Amber Teething Necklace

While we never used one for our son, amber teething necklaces are a popular remedy for teething pain. Plus, give your baby a neat accessory to wear, and fit perfect in Christmas stockings.

24. Toothbrush

If your baby doesn’t have teeth yet, he/she soon will. Grabbing a toothbrush for your baby gives you a leg up on this important milestone. Once your baby has teeth, you’ll need to start regularly brushing them–even if it’s only a few teeth to start. You can stick with a regular baby toothbrush, or get a fun banana one to encourage participation.

Stocking Stuffers for Baby

Meal Time

25. Eating Utensils

If your little one is close to being ready to start solid foods, you could get a set of baby safe forks and spoons for him to practice with.

26. Snacks

Stay with me now, there are plenty of great snacks for your baby to have. My son was a fan of Beech-Nut Fruities on-the-go pureed pouches, as well as Gerber’s first biscuits, and Parent’s Choice rice snacks. You can always make your own, too, and add them to their stocking!

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27. Binkies

You can literally never have too many binkies. Trust me. Once my baby became mobile, he began losing them left and right. Sure, they turn up eventually, but you don’t want to not have one when nap time rolls around. The kind we use and love is the Phillips Avent Soothie.

28. Binkie Clips

You really can’t go wrong when it comes to binkie clips. These nifty little things allow you to clip your child’s binkie to his clothing so that it doesn’t fall on the floor or get lost when he drops it. They’re so small, they make the perfect stocking stuff for your baby.

29. Gift Cards

Okay, maybe this one is a little more for mom and dad to use than it is for baby, but still! You can’t go wrong with a gift card as a stocking stuffer for a baby, whether it’s your baby or someone else’s. Save it for later to use for needed baby items, or for fun baby toys.

30. Blanket

Most baby blankets are small enough that if you roll them up tight, you can fit them inside a Christmas stocking. (If not, you can always cave and put it under the tree!) If you’re feeling really fancy, you get one monogrammed. Some even let you put on the birthday as well!

31. Ornament

Last but certainly not least, a “baby’s first Christmas” ornament always make fantastic stocking stuffers for baby. There are so many different options to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your little one perfectly. And, they’re almost always small enough to fit inside a stocking.


What are your stocking stuffer for baby plans this year?

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