The Pregnancy Journal Bonus Bundle


The Pregnancy Journal Bonus Bundle is perfect for new moms who have just given birth.

In this bonus bundle, you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off in The Pregnancy Journal. Or, use separately as a postpartum journal.

Journal through week 41-42 of your pregnancy up to six weeks postpartum, including weekly prompts

Track habits and gratitude

Write to do lists

Remember appointments

Record pregnancy, birth, and postpartum details and milestones

And more!

Print the bonus bundle, or fill out and save it on your phone, tablet, or computer!



Motherhood is hard, but remembering the journey to it doesn’t have to be. Which is why in The Pregnancy Journal Bonus Bundle, we help new moms to have a place to remember all those precious details after birth.

In this bonus bundle, you can pick up right where you left off in The Pregnancy Journal. As an add on to The Pregnancy Journal, you’ll get:

  • Two additional weeks of pregnancy journal entries
  • Six weeks of postpartum journal entries
  • A birth plan template
  • 3 trimester to do lists

The newborn stage is too special to not enjoy and remember. You don’t need to feel stressed or overwhelmed. What you need is a place to keep it all together—all your thoughts, all your experiences, and all the important details.

Don’t waste your postpartum experience forgetting about all the moments that made you smile.

The Pregnancy Journal Bonus Bundle is right for you if…

  • You bought The Pregnancy Journal, and would like to continue journaling throughout your postpartum experience
  • You didn’t purchase the The Pregnancy Journal, but you’d like still like to journal during the postpartum period

When you purchase The Pregnancy Journal Bonus Bundle, you’ll get three copies of this 30 page journal extension. You can print the journal, or journal on your phone. However you’d prefer to use your journal, you’ll have an option that works for you.

  • A full color copy – this is the full, regular version of the journal bonus bundle
  • A printer friendly copy – this copy is modified to easily print with less color ink, or in black and white
  • And a fillable copy – this is the full version of the journal bonus bundle, and can be filled in and saved on a phone, tablet, or computer

The 30 page journal is divided up into three sections—two additional weeks of pregnancy entries, six weeks of postpartum entries, and a bonus section. In the two journal sections, you’ll get:

  • Three pages over viewing your last two weeks of pregnancy
  • Three pages over viewing your postpartum period
  • Space for baby and bump photos
  • Weekly overview pages complete with habit tracking, gratitude, appointments, and to do lists
  • Weekly journal pages, including unique prompts if you get stuck

Additionally, you’ll also get exclusive bonuses including a birth plan and three trimester to do checklists.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is The Pregnancy Journal Bonus Bundle formatted?

Upon purchase, you’ll receive 3 pdf copies of the bonus bundle. (1 full color, 1 printer friendly, 1 device fillable) You can print off the full color or printer friendly copy, or use your phone, tablet, or computer to journal.

How do I download the journal bonus bundle after purchase?

After your order is completed, there will be a link on the order complete page to download the bundle. You will also receive an email with the download link. If you create an account during checkout, you will also be able to log in and download from your account at any time.

Can I return my journal bonus bundle or get a refund?

Unfortunately, because this is a digital product that cannot be returned, I am not able to offer a refund. However, if you are unhappy for any reason, please contact me at I’ll be happy to try to remedy the problem.


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